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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Unplanned Baptisms

     Well this week we had 6 unplanned baptisms!! :D 5 of them were planned for next week and one of them wasn't planned at all!! :D oh my goodness it was incredible. We went to a river and it was just super spiritual and amazing and I loved it and A TON of people went!! There were like 30 people there. Like whoa.
     Also on Friday the Assistants came to do an activity in the church where they showed the movie "Meet the Mormons" and it was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! I absolutely LOVED it!!! If you haven´t seen it yet go watch it!! As soon as I get home I´m gonna buy it and watch it 80 twenty times. I´m not sure what I mean by that but it´s gonna happen! :)

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