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Sunday, August 23, 2015

"The Right Place, at the Right Time"

This week was a great week of "Right place at the right time" One event in particular was when I was with Elder Haslam. We were running short on time and he just kept feeling that we had to go visit this guy in his ward who has cancer. Immediately I started feeling the need and desire to visit him too. We got there and his wife answered the door and her face completely lit up! "Elders," she said, "I've been praying that you'd come" WOW!!!! What an incredible blessing and opportunity it was for us to get there at the time that we were needed and to do what God needed us to do. We gave him a blessing and had to leave. But wow. It was truly incredible and humbling. I love being a missionary!!!

Here's my letter to President! Carter included his letter in Spanish again... Here's the translation:
     "As always I'm very happy to be here in the mission and for the opportunity to help the missionaries and my investigators. I love sharing the gospel and being an instrument in the hands of the Lord. Something specific this week was absolutely incredible!

     I was with Elder Haslam and we didn't have much time, but he felt very strongly that we needed to visit a member in the ward that is having a lot of difficulties with cancer. I immediately felt the same way. I knew that we had to go to their home. First we bought them some juice and cookies, and when we arrived, his wife came to the door and she just lit up. 'Elders', she said, 'I have been praying that you would come.' Wow!! How marvellous it was to see that God put us there in the exact moment to help and minister to his children."

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