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Sunday, August 23, 2015

Corriendo por todos lados

     This week was super crazy!! So Monday was full of getting everything ready. Then a couple of the new missionaries came that night but their plane got delayed so I was in the airport with President and his wife for like 2 hours which was actually fun! The next I spent like $25 in taxi fare.... It was a lot! I went to the airport in the morning to do transfers for the Galapagos then I went to the temple to get a room ready for suitcases, then I went to the office, then I went to the airport again to get new missionaries, then to the stake center in Centenario, then back to the airport to pick up the new assistant who got transferred from the Galapagos! And then back to the stake center! Hahah It was a grand day. Then Thursday morning I went with President in his car to Machala!! It was awesome because it's like road trips with the fam. And President is just like a normal person and he kept cracking hilarious jokes xD Friday we came back to Guayaquil in his car as well and I asked him about a bunch of medical stuff and he explained a lot and it felt like to me that he answered a prayer that I didn't realize that I had about being a Pediatric Oncologist or not. Well the answer is definitely yes!!! I'm so doing it! President basically counseled me to do it so it's my future! No matter how long it takes I will become one!! Ya! MURICA!!!!! Haha speaking of America! We sang the Star-Spangled Banner in our Zone meeting this morning as the opening hymn! It was awesome! Also I found out yesterday that Boyd K. Packer died!! D: That's two apostles in my mission now! :( wah! I don't want him to go but he's gotta go teach the gospel to the lost spirits in the spirit world. He's gonna save so many souls there.

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