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Saturday, October 4, 2014

¡Muchos fotos!

     This week we had another baptism! It was super cool and we went to Arenillas to baptize him in a river. The Hermanas also had a baptism this week. Their baptism was an investigator that my companion had taught with his last companion and that fell through while she was in the baptismal font but the Hermanas went to her house a lot and they helped her to get baptized. It was a super spiritual experience that I´ll always remember. Also I had my first Bible Bash this week. I didn´t talk much because I´m still learning Spanish but I understood what was going on. We left soon after I realized it was a Bible Bash because it was escalating. Our investigators are progressing well and we might have another baptism this week if Maximiliano attends Conference on Saturday.

     How´s everyone? By the way, to send packages, make sure there is the green sticker on it and make sure there are stickers of Jesus on all the edges and cracks so the mail people don´t open it and steal stuff.

Elder Wilcox