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Sunday, March 15, 2015

¡14/03/15 Y muchos fotos!

How are you? I hope you´re doing well. :) How was your week? My week was a little busy but it was all well in the end. Here´s how it went:

Carter decided to be funny and send out half of his email in Spanish this week. The translation is: "This week I did a lot for visas and passports of the missionaries and everything went really well. I almost had problems Friday, but we made an agreement and only need to go a few more times and everything will be good. I'm assuming he's talking about the visa office in Ecuador and visas for incoming missionaries. I also did almost everything I had to do to prepare for the finishing missionaries the other week and I'm excited to help another group of missionaries return home and start the next phase of their live."

It was super fun though! I love being Secretary because I get to help people more! 
I had a baptism last night! His name is Jabeth H. and he´s super awesome. We´re like bros now so it´s pretty sweet.
That´s pretty much it.

Love, Elder Wilcox

Carter with his companion Elder Romero and the Alvarado family.
Elders Romero and Wilcox
Elder Wilcox with the Assistants
Mickey lollipop

Ronald McDonald, agreeing to be baptized

Elder Wilcox with his plaque,
"Mission President's secretary, Ecuador Guayaquil South Mission"

They found Subway!
"Nom nom nom"
With his trainer, Elder Rodriguez

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