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Monday, September 22, 2014

'Dem Baby Blues

¡Hola amigos y familia! This is what we got from Carter this week: 
"My comp is from Colombia. His name is Elder A. Rodriguez He speaks some English which is nice so we can communicate a little better. My apt is ok. It´s nicer than most of the buildings here but you know not like America but it´s whatevs. The area is big. My comp says that I´ll never see all of it. The ward is super nice and they all know who I am because of how white I am. Food is always soup, rice, and a little meat. And you get a spoon to eat it all. That´s everyday pretty much. The other day I drank Malta (for those of you who haven't tried malta, it's gross). Ask Dad what that is. He´ll explain. I baptized another person on Saturday. Her name is Nathaly and I think it´s really funny becase she totally has a crush on me because of my eyes. Everyone tells me that my eyes are super pretty and cool. It´s pretty funny. The showers are still cold and it´s still super humid. Everything is still in Spanish and I´m still learning... I´ll send pics"

Carter with Nathaly and Elder Rodriguez

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