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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

MTC Week 4

     I'm doing good. Spanish is coming along but I'm not fluent yet. I was made District Leader on Sunday and in Spanish class our teacher has us write down our progress and mine was the lowest so he got a little upset because I'm the DL and I need to lead the group so I set really high goals for the week. I'm going to learn 300 new words, 40 new phrases, 10 new scriptures, and 10 new grammar principles. It's going good so far but we'll see if I can make it! 

Spiritual moment this week:
     So on Sundays we watch a movie right? For a devotional and they're awesome and ya? Well this week it was all about the Salt Lake Temple. It was made in the 90's and it's really cool. It just showed the struggle and how many times they had to restart and all the people sacrificed. Some guy lost his arm while working on the Transcontinental Railroad so that they could get the material to the temple site faster. One part I really liked was when it said that the temple connects families now and in the past and then it went to talk about the angel Moroni and remember how we have an ancestor who worked on that? I don't even remember his name but it was really cool to get that testimony of the temple. So treasure the temple and go as often as you can.

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